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Carly, her two sons, and their cat Max!

Fat Cat Mustard is a local company in Poulsbo, WA. Our specialty is making gourmet, natural mustards. Specifically we are create amazing variations on Sweet Hot Mustards, but we shall soon be branching out into savory flavors. Every batch of our mustard is hand made, has no artificial dyes, no preservatives, and no binders in it. Because of the way we process our products it is still shelf stable and safe for you to eat, it also has a long shelf life in the fridge after opening. Our products are also Gluten and dairy FREE! We do process in a facility that can have these items in it, however they are not in our mustards. Our mustards do contain Eggs though, so be cautious if you have an egg allergy.

History of Fat Cat Mustard

Fat Cat Mustard began with the owner's mother, Kay. For many years Kay would make this delicious and unique mustard as gifts for her family and friends, usually only during the holiday season. It was widely asked for because of how different it was from other mustards available and just flat out how amazing it tasted! She started with the Original flavor(Now known as Aunt KK's Original) and then branched out to offer Champagne and Jalapeno (Carly later developed the Habanero) Everyone knew her mustard as Aunt KK's Mustard since that is how everyone knew my mom as. Finally Kay handed down the recipes she had and Carly continued on the tradition of making it and handing it out for holiday gifts. After thinking for quite a while and with the permission of her mother, Carly decided to start a business making gourmet mustards and Fat Cat Mustard was born!

Who is the Fat Cat?

While growing up there was a family cat named Tiger. He was a very fat, very neurotic orange tabby who was ultimately afraid of EVERYTHING! This included the microwave, grandma (who only wanted to feed him) and heights. He was a motorboat who purred everywhere he went, even if he was running off like a scaredy cat. When Carly came up with the name Fat Cat Mustard, she and her mom knew she had to draw the logo to look like Tiger. A few years ago Tiger passed away, so our logo was drawn in his memory. Carly now owns a large orange tabby named Max!

Max!! The Fat Cat Mascot! Not to worry, he's not really fat ^_~



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